Bio Plastic

Bioplastics, it looks and feels exactly like plastic. This new material that is increasingly used to package vegetables, fruit, and other products has all the advantages of fossil plastics, but not the disadvantages.

Two problems, bioplastic is almost indistinguishable from fossil plastic. As a result, bioplastic is often thrown in the plastic bin, which causes major problems in waste processing.

Besides, there is often an icon placed on bioplastic that says that it can be disposed of with the compost. It takes longer for bioplastic to become compost than the rest of the natural trash. Milieu Centraal, therefore, indicates that it is more profitable to throw bioplastic into the residual waste.

The solution,To make the communication more clear, I have designed a new identity for bioplastic. This new way of communicating ensures that bioplastic ends up with residual waste. To counter the confusion and contradiction in the recycling system, the other types of waste have also been given a new symbol.

Bio Plastic Identiteit
Bio Plastic