Gift machine

During Christmas we give each other all kinds of presents. A lot of these end up in a drawer or even in the bin. I did research in the shopping streets of Arnhem about the buying behavior of people. 

Instead of gifting something they don’t really need, give them a memory. This can be really small like eating fries together or drinking a beer. 

There’re lots of things you can do in Arnhem that don’t need to cost you a lot of money. “The perfect gift machine” prints gift ideas, all ideas are activities you can do together in Arnhem. Instead of buying things that are not good for the environment, give each other more attention. 

Het Perfecte Cadeau Automaat

Daily Experiments

For 20 days I gave myself different assignments. I translated everything into visuals that I collected in a little booklet. In every image I show something from myself, things that I like and find important. 

I wanted to challenge myself to experiment more with different materials and techniques. Pushing myself outside my comfort-zone. 


Creative Planet

Sometime ago, when I was walking along the beach, I started picking up plastic litter. It was shocking to see how much I picked up in such a sort time, I questioned my own plastic use. I took home a bag full of plastic parts and ghost nest from the beach and started to create things from materials that people usually throw away. 

I started this Instagram page to raise awareness about plastic and the impact it has on the environment. It’s also a way for me to keep creating images and try out different materials and techniques. 

Instagram @CreativePlanet_



Boompjeskade, Rotterdam. We noticed that people around the city just walk to their destination and are stuck in their daily routine. Get people out of their routine by disrupting it. To make people move in a new, different way we created a non-logical running track, next to the straight track. 

2017, WDKA, Rotterdam

Arnhem Central Station

With this project I wanted to visualize what kind of people visit Arnhem Central Station. I did research about Arnhem and it’s Central Station. 

I asked people where they were going and if I could take their picture. I divided all photos in 5 different categories, based on the answers they’ve giving me.

The 5 collages were printed on sheets of perspex that visualize my research.

2016, Art&Design, RijnIJssel, Arnhem